501c3 nonprofit

Every Day Hope and Healing, Inc. was formed after its founder, Camille McDaniel, LPC (Licensed Professional Counselor), noticed a steady increase in the number of clients in  community mental health work and in her private practice with histories involving abuse and/or violence. The impact of their experiences affected their emotional wellness, job performance, school performance, ability to hold healthy relationships, parenting skills, love of self, and even their will to live.

Camille witnessed clients meeting multiple barriers to getting the help they needed. Lack of therapists trained in trauma counseling, lack of client financial ability, not being able to find a therapist who accepted their insurance plan, and sometimes not being able to reach anyone to get services started.

There just were not enough appointments available, trained therapists, sliding scales, and pro-bono openings available at Camille’s private practice to meet the volume of people needing the assistance. When Camille tried pairing people with referrals in the community she found that organizations had waiting lists of over a month and sometimes she ran into the same challenges that potential clients experienced when seeking help. Therapists that were contacted in the community were full and not able to accept new clients, didn’t provide counseling for trauma, not accepting the insurance plan.

That’s when the idea to develop a nonprofit organization that could fill the gap and meet the need was conceived.

By partnering with the community, receiving grants, and private funding and partnerships, more professionals could be trained in this specialized area and more people could be helped.

Allowing us to continue the fight against violence and abuse in the community and nationwide!

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We can’t defeat the enemy of abuse and violence alone. It takes the effort of many to help many.
We are on a mission to instill hope and healing where abuse and violence tried to take over.

You can be a a major player in the solutions that help heal our community. JOIN US or GIVE! Your donations make this mission possible.